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Welcome to Revolution Network! 


We want to welcome you to Revolution Network, a new way to manage your investments.  RevolutionNetwork is a company planned with a goal and a mission: the well-being of each Member made part of this opportunity. 

Revolution Network takes an idea which has worked for years (Networking) and applies it to a new opportunity in the world: international markets investment, allowing our members to access financial options previously only available to those who had the ability to put large amounts of money in operation.  We bring real expertise, actual results and a corporate experience of our executive-based business infrastructure.

Revolution Network has entered into an agreement with the successful ATG Company to bring its members 100 % into our system. Thus, Revolution Network begins operations with more than 6000 members, 3500 with active investments, making us the company with the greatest potential in the market. 

In this agreement we have received not only members of the company, but we have also assumed the current operations of active investments from members that we acquired from ATG.  Each Member will be automatically transferred to Revolution Network simply and without problems. 100 % of you are being transferred to our databases.

The reasons that led to ATG to sign the agreement with Revolution Network were precisely related to the responsibility felt with you all. Some former executives of ATG had previous relations with other investment companies and today are being investigated in the United States and other countries, which could lead to problems, these executives at some point could face legal situations in the USA that would affect the ATG operations and thus become a serious situation for everyone. 

As a result, Revolution Network informs that former executives of ATG do not have any participation in our company, nor any power in the future of our company, Revolution network is not responsible for any contract with ATG or their executives such as: special programs offered, Founders Group, The 35 % personal investment program or any other program other than the network of referrals and investors in network provided by ATG systems.

At the moment we are organizing and preparing the payment platform for members, which is already at the stage of completion.  The Revolution Network’ network structure differs to the one offered by ATG, which we recommend you to study in our Web site:


All company information will be shown in your back office and through e-mails like this. 

Since Revolution Network only work with Euros and the minimum investment is $ 1,500.00 we have decided to accept the investment of all members of ATG, even if it is less than $ 1,500.00.  Therefore, each Member with less than € 1,500.00 EUROS in investment will continue to receive their winnings.

When you browse our page you will realize that the percentages are also different; you will be paid according to the amount of your investment, adapting to the structure of Revolution Network programs. 

Since our infrastructure - although similar to the ATG-is not the same and we do not have the same facilitators of payments, banks or other entities could be the case that payments will be behind for a few days. New banking institutions and means of payment used by Revolution Network will be sent to you in a separate email. While we deliver our custom payment cards, we are studying the possibility of using the same card ATG used only to provide members with the facility to receive their payments while waiting for the card issued from Revolution Network, which will come with the name of each Member on it.