ALYON Corporation

ALYON Corporation

Official launch april 2010!!!

Be the first to enter into the great future of Alyon Corporation and achieve long term profits.
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ALYON Corporationa Global Leader in Financial Investments.

ALYON Corporation is a money management company providing global
investment opportunities that offer security, stability and financial
performance. Give access to a well-diversified portfolio of
international financial services.

Alyon is licensed by the corporate social status to operate:
  • Investments in trading and forex
  • Investments in futures, bonus and values
  • Purchase and sale of precious (Gold, Silver and Platinum)
  • Investment of own funds and of third in the currency exchange
  • International market (forex)
  • Processing of payments to third parties
  • Dedicate to the administration and exercise of activities in any part of the world
  • Establish, intermediate, negotiate and in general perform the
  • Service of brokerage and representation in all its branches
  • Buy, sell, exchange, commercialize, rent and negotiate with movable and unmovable property and merchandise
  • Many other financial services
Alyon service to investors is based on three main principles:
guarantee, stability and low risk. Investments will generate earnings
stable and money moves accurately and securely anytime.

Monthly Investment Plan

       Plan        Spent Amount ($)
  • Plan 1  $100 - $50,000         5% (Monthly Profit)
  • Plan 2  $50,001 - $100,00     6% (Monthly Profit)
  • Plan 3  $100,000 - unlimited  7% (Monthly Profit)
All payments are made to your account Monthly.
Minimum spend is $100 and there is no maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.
All transactions are handled via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money,
PayPal, BankWire.

Marketing Plan
Our Affiliate Program is a great way to make money by referring
clients to ALYON Corporation.
Note, it is not necessary to have an investment at ALYON Corporation
in order to participate in our Affiliate Program. (more info into

You can find into back office Company documents (licence and registration)

Alyon Corporation