26/10/2009 18:53

A brief summary of the meeting in Bogota

On Wednesday and Thursday, we stayed in Bogota, where we held a meeting with WWI company owners . The purpose of the meeting was to meet the owners, check what they actually do and what plans they have with the company WWI. After the introductory meeting, which was more intuitive nature, we treated the next day all subjects that are of interest to us. The conclusion is that the owners (Mr.Gonzales, Mrs. Leon and mR. Rincon)ARE people who actually have experience with single FOREX market, which have gained as traders. In their own start-ups and launches WWi on a global scale is much emphasis on the fact that all their activities are licensed and covered by the licenses necessary for this activity. As their main partner they mention SPT (Swiss-controlled company Swiss Private Trust AG Baarerstr. 79 - P.O. Box 4814 - 6304 Zug - Switzerland)), but more than that still, unfortunately, do not tell, so that alone trading strategy and specific names remain a company secret. In any case, this is also very positive information that all the money is collected from the SPT, confirming the activity in the forex market, as well as all those who have already accepted the payment, you can see that the money paid out from the STP. They have mentioned, the platform on which they operate also allow commodities, but currently they aren´t considering this option, mainly because of difficulties similar businesses have had. Investment opportunities in commodities are there, but as the product offered to investors will be given only after all documents will be ready, and ensured that this investment will be safe for investors.
One of questions on this meeting, of course were credit cards, we know that goes late. Problems caused previous provider, which has just before the conclusion of the negotiations and payments from the WWI simply "disappeared", so they decided that the BANK card will be offered to investors. So far, negotiations are proceeding well, all necessary supporting documents are delivered to them, the card would be in the VISA system. On the question of when in fact members could expect the cards, answer would be within the month to month and a half. Payments for cards that some members have already done should be returned to investors this month. On the question of integrating the payment processors in the program itself, although they responded to think in that direction, but they like a lot more an option transparent to the flow of money through the official banks.
Their appearance is very hospitable, but always at a professional level, so it feels very good, especially warrant confidence in their insistence of always documented and transparent operation. In no way they aren´t prepared for the possible acquisition of more members of any marginal or illegal activity. This somehow confirm their purpose is to create a strong and regulated company.
Surprisingly, it was also their knowledge of the structure, prominent members and the interest that they always have access to all information about the company, so that they can receive their structure of any significant change in the company.
The conclusion is that they are worthy of investor confidence and hopfuly that its transparency will remain in present.