WWI Corporation Group News

10/10/2009 09:25

Hello dear firends!

I would like to share some informations with you i have got recently. Mostly informations are aboat debet cards.
Since company failed to close all negotiations with ANRES, they have decided that most reliable and secure option for all of us will be DEBET CARD provided by one of BANKS. Basically that means no providers will be present. In that conclusion they are going to make a contract with a bank, which is going to supply cards and accounts.
Because of delay and a fact that we (most of us) allready payed for ANRES debet cards, company decided to return all payments for cards to our balances (approximate daite for this is 25th of October), and even more... new cards should be free, NO CHARGE!
Negotiations aboat that are in process as now, and we expect confirmation for informations abowe in a period of 10 days. Of course we will send you info mail with all details as soon as we get them!


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