09/10/2009 10:31

Register to Pfplace!!!

Hello pfplace promoters,

pfplace social network is growing at a good pace. We must congratulate you for the great job you are doing in promoting the site.

In a few days you will start to have the first applications and you will be able to use them. During the next 3 months new applications will continuously come.

The next week there will be online Conferences where it will be treated the success of social networks, how this affects the way Internet users interact with one another, and the business of Social Networks phenomenon.

We have launched a Social Network to make everyone be able to participate in this great business, to make everyone be able to benefit from the wealth you generate.

We will have tens of thousands of advertisers who will offer good services to users, as well as a great wealth to the Social Network.

This is a social network where everyone can participate, create new spaces, suggest changes, participate in its management, and make it a place for everyone.

We have in our hands a great project that is becoming reality.

We continue,

pfplace Directive Board