15/09/2009 10:40

Dear ATG Members and Leaders

We have a few things we will like to inform you about:  the growth and the path that ATG is taking in the international market as well as give you important information about the NEW Embossed Pay Cards, New deposits method and information about new additions to the Virtual Business Center that will be taking place in the next week.

First we will like to thank the COLOMBIAN people in Bogota for the amazing welcome that they have arranged for the President and Vice President of ATG.

Our executive team has been in Bogota for the last few days and the response from the leaders in the area is just impossible to describe in this e-mail.  We have held an average of 3 meetings per day and also training sessions since we arrived in Bogota 3 days ago.  We have accomplished several important tasks for the Latin American market that will affect in a very positive way the way the business is conducted in Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela.

ATG now have closed Joint Venture agreements with several providers in the financial sector that will help the process of sending the funds to ATG. 

Now new members from Colombia will be able to send funds with no problem to ATG in 3 different ways.

This information is been distributed by the leaders in the different areas in the Colombian cities like Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Bucaramanga, Santander y Valle del Cauca. 

ATG is always looking for the best options for our members and this is resulting in getting new deposits and processors online to help our members in the process of getting the funds to ATG and receiving their funds from their investments programs.

ATG has signed a Joint Venture with a new Electronic currency processor that will serve all members of ATG but in special will help in a big way the Colombian Market. 

ATG is very happy to inform to all members the partnership of ATG with PAYALLS, a company of electronic funds that specialize in the Latin American Market helping members in the process of sending the funds to ATG.  

We have also strike a deal with Meridian Blue Bancorp LP to supply every member that is interested in managing their electronic transfers to ATG thru PAYALLS with an OFFSHORE ACCOUNT at no cost to the member.  This is a giant step into the road to be the most organized and managed company in this industry.  Every member that chooses to get the offshore account with Meridian Blue Bancorp and PAYALLS will be able to make member to member transfer, Transfer funds to the member pay card and request transfer to your own BANK ACCOUNT.

We are making a difference in the industry and already in the lives of everyone that is part of ATG. 

Our executive team has been working diligently in creating several new opportunities for our members.  A clear example of this is the introduction of our NEW High Yield Investment Program.  This information is already in our website where you can get more information about the program.  We wanted to come out to the market with a SOLID offer to those TOP investors that are looking for high returns and at the same time looking for security.  For participants in this program ATG Guarantee 100% the invested capital by placing those funds in an Account that is created under the name of the customer and are never touched.  ATG is working to make of our business a solution to every investor at any level.

ATG is already working in our next Corporate Business Presentation in Colombia in cities like Cali, Bogotá and Medellin in October.  Please keep paying attention to our e-mails to get all the necessary information about this close DOORS and by Invitation only meetings.

ATG is also happy to announce the Visit to Buenos Aires Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Croatia in September and October.  These meetings are being organized by the corporate team and by the leaders at each of these countries.  We are working in a Registration application inside our Virtual Business Center so you can register for these meetings.

In other aspect of ATG Business we have added 3 new phone numbers to contact our Support Department.  We have added Toll-Free Lines for Countries like Colombia, Argentina and Dominican Republic.  Please use those numbers to contact Customer Support from these countries.  In the next weeks we will be adding numbers for Mexico, Spain and Croatia.  We are also working on training a new member of our support staff  to help our European members in their local hours.

ATG NEW Offshore Account.

We have added another option to send us funds for your investments.  We have opened another EURO only account.  We will be giving this information to you by placing the account information in our back office to all members to have access to it. 

ATG is more than exited to ANNOUNCE that every member will have the opportunity to open an OFFSHORE account with one of our NEW Financial institution, Meridian Blue Bancorp. Because of ATG’s relation with this institution all members who decide to join will receive the Offshore Account completely free.  This account is a great step forward not only for ATG but for everyone that is part of ATG.  By the end of this week we will be sending an e-mail to all of you with the instructions in how to get your OWN OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT and get it active within 48 working hours. 

ATG is one more time showing that you have become part of a company that is already changing the image and the idea about this market and even more important, changing lives of those that decide to be part of ATG.


ATG already sent most of the new EMBOSSED PAYCARD to our members.  The new card raised the daily limit to $5,000.00 in ATM, Point of Sale and Internet Purchases.  We are also doing the final tests to a new section in our Virtual Business Center where every member that is receiving over $5,000.00 per month will have the option to receive a second PAYCARD and register that second card in the Virtual Business Center.

All new EMBOSSED Cards are coming to you with the ATG name on the first line and on the second line your name.  Keep looking for this changes and new addition to our Virtual Business Center.

For all members that have not received their card the funds are going to stay available into your account until you receive the card and register the card in your Back Office.  We thank you for your patient and dedication to ATG. September is the month where all previous errors and mistakes are going to be corrected at last.

ATG is moving forward to become the number one provider of Financial Tools to all member and customer.  Find in our website the link to our Twitter page where we are posting the latest news about every aspect of ATG.

Thank you for being part of ATG, keep paying attention to our communication department where you will get all of the corporate communication form the company.



"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."  

Peter F. Drucker