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You have probably noticed that 'going green' is everywhere these days - in the news, politics, fashion, on the internet, on foods we buy, pet care, it is taught at schools, on TV and it is even defining technology now. Even going shopping today we are asked to pay for plastic bags and to switch to using reusable bags to help the environment. 

With a million messages and ideas coming at us from all sides, it can be easy to get confused about what to do. We need to really stop and think about the big picture of how our actions stack up and impact on our planet. 

Without a doubt though the most simplest and popular way of doing something is through the Carbon Offsetting. 


Everyday actions like driving a car, heating your home and office, transporting goods and even using your computer use energy and produce greenhouse gas emissions (such as carbon dioxide) which contribute to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions which is unsettling the planets natural balance and creating destructive weather patterns. 

Please watch video on climate change a carbon credits for lawyers See CCN TV here 

You can compensate for your unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from an internationally verified project that makes an equivalent greenhouse gas saving. This is called 'carbon offsetting'. 


Offsetting your carbon footprint will not reverse the effects already caused by your carbon dioxide emissions. The harm to the environment caused by these emissions cannot be undone. However, by saving an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide elsewhere, you can help to minimise the total global emissions. 


First you need to calculate the emissions you have produced. Use our carbon calculators to do this. Even though it is a gas, we measure the carbon dioxide you produce in tons. Here's a way of understanding what a tonne of C02 would look like: 

  • 1 gram of CO2 = 556 ml (a bit less than the volume of a bottle of water)
  • 1 tonne CO2 = 556,000 litres or 556 m3 (about the volume of a 3 bedroom house)

Once you know what your carbon footprint is, you can buy the equivalent amount in 'carbon credits' from our internationally verified emission reduction projects that have made a greenhouse gas savings. These projects may be in another part of the world to where you created the emissions; however they will still have the same positive effect on the environment. 


We will send you green certificates and window displays for your business, and green windscreen "permits" for your carbon offset cars. We will also provide you with our carbon neutral logo that you can use on your letterhead to demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and competitors that you have taken the initiative and are doing your bit for the environment. 

We also give you access to our auction platform to buy sell and trade carbon as well as Forestry bonus system that generates income from Carbon credit projects which can used to offset the costs of purchasing carbon credits. We are committed to assisting you in every step of the way in achieving your low carbon goals. 


Your money is used to purchase high quality carbon credits through our supplier managed projects. We promise that we will deliver the carbon dioxide reductions that you have bought. These reductions will: 

  • Be independently verified by a Designated Operational Entity
  • Meet internationally recognised Carbon Offset standards/li>
  • Be registered, delivered and cancelled on your behalf with an Independent Carbon Credits Registry.

If you are in business for yourself or running a business 'Going GREEN' is really Smart business. Small businesses up to large multinationals all around the world are responding positively to climate change by offsetting their carbon footprint. Enhance your company's reputation by doing something today. 


Your corporate carbon strategy will cover all areas of your carbon footprint's effect on the environment, on your brand and your company's sales.