Carbon Trading is a market based mechanism for helping mitigate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon trading markets are developed for bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together with standardized rules of trade. 

A Carbon Trader is a facilitator of this process and is paid on success whenever a sale of carbon credits is made in these markets. 

Carbon Central Network is offering people the opportunity to become self-employed Carbon Traders working part-time from home and even full-time. We pay commission on sales fortnightly. We even offer other great incentives for top preforming Carbon Traders such as car leasing or rental, eco home improvements, eco-holiday bonuses and more. 

CCN really stands out as the REAL CARBON TRADER Deal! Other online sites provide information only and do not provide you any real access to buyers, sellers, emerging markets, or offer any ongoing support or tuition in how to profit from this industry. To be honest, they offer you no SYSTEM! 

CCN is a full service carbon trading consulting firm and auction platform provider. We handle and manage the sourcing and vetting of carbon projects, we tell you how to market these projects, we provide you with your own retail and corporate website, we manage the running of an auction platform you can buy and sell on or refer your clients to buy from, we take care of all the payment of commissions on sales for you, we also provide you any in house support needed. 

In short CCN provide a fully customised SYSTEM for you, so that as a Carbon Trader with CCN you are literally given a 'turn-key' business. A business that incorporates all the following: 

  1. CCN takes care of sourcing projects across a range of areas to supply you with Carbon Credits. We pick the projects that we know will have the best realisable profits for our traders. Buying carbon credits for the best price through originators is what we do best. How? The volumes we buy in allow us to ensure you get an attractive profit margin.
  2. CCN handles all the transactions between the project originator and you the Carbon Trader. We ensure that all certificates are correctly issued once you or any of your clients have purchased and registered their carbon credits.
  3. CCN provide you with a replicated website for your to personally use to build a retail customer base from. This is a saving of thousands of dollars to you. Through your replicated site you will earn a minimum commission of €5-€10 on every carbon credit any visitors purchase. If you purchase Carbon Credits from our IMO and allocate them as inventory to your retail shop, you could earn as much as €14-€19.
  4. CCN provides you with the industry background training needed so that if you are presenting to businesses that you are component in answering questions on Carbon Offsetting and how companies can take actions to mitigate their carbon emissions as well as implement actions to save money.
  5. Receive online Webinar Training and education through CCN's partners in sustainability.
  6. Invite prospective clients to online Webinar Presentations to learn more about Carbon Offsetting and also Carbon Trading.
  7. CCN also provide you with a Private Affiliate Based Carbon Credit Auction site that is open 24 hours 7 days a week.
  8. But in addition to all this you get 25 tonnes of Carbon Credits to either use personally towards offsetting your own emissions or that of your business. Alternatively you can decide to use these to sell to a potential business client or list on our auction site.

So, what is the cost of buying this system to be a CARBON TRADER with CCN? 

ZERO! That is right, ZERO! 

YOU PAY NOTHING, for the CARBON TRADER SYSTEM! You just need to pay for your first lot of Carbon Credits, inventory, 25 tonnes worth. That is your minimum commitment. As mentioned above if you wanted to sell these carbon credits instead of using them personally you could. The retail sale value of these is €500 so you can profit €100 straight up. 

No you may ask who are potential buyers for Carbon credits? Any entity, typically a business, that emits CO2 to the atmosphere may have an interest or may be required by law to balance their emissions. So any business out there today is a potential client...the market is really untapped. 

So save time and start doing real business today, carbon offsetting is something that most people and businesses are becoming more and more educated about but need someone to guide them in making a decision to take action. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a market that's ready to shift into high gear, or just a stay at home mum looking to supplement your family's income, the CCN Carbon Trader business package is for you. 

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